British Home Tutors (BHT) is a collegiate group of around 60 school teachers who work or have worked at independent schools in the London area such as Westminster, St Paul’s, Latymer, Eton, Harrow, UCS, Highgate, Bute House and other top performing English private schools. We are a small organisation who have been operating in central London for almost 20 years.  Our intention is to remain small so that we can retain strong quality control over what we provide.  This means that at certain times of the academic year, demand exceeds supply for our services. 

Our unique selling point is the fact that we are classroom teachers who provide home tuition in our spare time e.g. evenings after school, at weekends and during the holidays. BHT is the only tutor organisation in the UK with this classroom teacher emphasis.  Pupils and teachers generally get in touch with us by word-of-mouth.  Families who use us refer us to their friends.  Teachers at these top schools also refer pupils to us. We do not advertise although we are highly recommended by the Good Schools Guide.  This is an independent recommendation and no payment is involved. 

We are professional, collegiate and friendly but our ethos is not one of a highly commercial organisation as such. We can help your child with their study skills, exam technique and revision skills.  Our tutors help to reinforce and consolidate what your child is learning at school, giving them the confidence to thrive. We are teachers first and foremost and are interested in receiving applications from top teachers with classroom experience only.



“What I like about BHT is that it is very down to earth but highly professional at the same time. It is elite but also very friendly. The teachers there are experienced, know what they are doing and are trusted to get on with it.”

Teacher, Eton College


“Basically, there are two types of tutor organisation: that which employs young graduates and is prepared to have virtually any aspiring tutor on its books, and BHT which only selects experienced teachers. As both a teacher and a parent, I personally would only consider the latter”.

Teacher, University College School, London